Give me a Mountain

We get approached many times by faith based not-for-profits looking for some sponsorship or a break as they try to bootstrap their way to launch.  When Norm Grant, a local real estate agent in Barrie, who Rhubarb Media helped brand a couple years ago, came to me with this idea of a grassroots, mens org designed to find building projects men could put their backs into, to help those in need, I said, YES!  We branded them, put up a simple WordPress site and off they went looking for “manly” projects!

Give Me A Mountain! is an evangelical, interdenominational, county-wide men’s ministry that desires to demonstrate God’s love for people through acts of mercy.

The ministry is a unique response to seldom asked questions:

“How are men uniquely wired to serve in God’s kingdom?”

“What does faith-in-action look like for a man of God?”

“How do men inspire other men to grow in the Lord?”

The cry, “Give Me a Mountain!” (based on Joshua 14:10-12), expresses the longing in a man’s heart for a life-changing encounter with the Living God.Mountain Men are convinced that these encounters happen when they step out of their comfort zones to serve God with all their heart, soul, strength, and minds.

If you want to help and are local to the Barrie area, give them a shout here.