THE RICH YOUNG RULER – “A Positional Paradox”

I was challenged in a religious studies class at Briercrest Bible College to write a poem or limerick on a certain passege.  The professor, knowing I wrote songs, etc, said to the entire class, “This shouldn’t be too hard for you, Chad.”

Well, I expereinced some serious writers block on the spot and came up with nuthin!

That night I was so upset I stayed up and banged out this limerick.  Little did I know this little exercise and challenge would turn into something bigger.  I was hooked.  I then started tackling other passages and eventually settled on starting a book of limericks on the life of Jeses.

There Once was a Man Named Jesus – The Life and Teachings of Jesus as Told in Expanded Limerick Verse.  

I am about 1/3 of the way thorugh.  I’ll reveal more in furtue posts, but this is the one that started it all!


THE RICH YOUNG RULER – Matthew 19:16-30
“A Positional Paradox”

There once was a young ruler with dough
To heaven he wanted to go
He asked Jesus the price
Would being good suffice?
Jesus said a most definite NO!

Go down the Savings and loan
And withdraw all that you own
Give to those who have none
And then follow the Son
And you’ll have treasures like you’ve never known

When the ruler heard what was spoken
He knew that Jesus weren’t jokin’
So he went away sad
Cause he loved what he had
To give all would have left him heartbroken

To His friends Christ gave an odd speech
A lesson He thought He would teach
That a camel could squeeze
Through a needles eye with ease
But for the rich, heaven seemed out of reach

The disciples could not comprehend
Who then can be saved who then?
Jesus said with a smile
With man it’s futile
But with God, all things can happen

So if you place your whole life in his hand
Your house, your kin and your land
You’ll never be sorry
For when you reach Glory
With Jesus, forever you’ll stand

Christ concluded with this idiom
A proverb that some may find dumb
That those now who are first
May in the end find it worse
While those last may shout, “were number one!”