If my Mom heard me say that she would be quite irate. Not that she disagrees, she just hates the word “SUCKS”. (Sorry Mom!)

My point is this: Words are powerful, provoking emotion and when strung together properly, and delivered with passion, can change culture… “I have a dream…”

And yet, as powerful as a word is, imagery is what truly changes culture, and especially this culture. We are media driven and love it! Now what does this have to do with church? Lots! Gone are the days when words shake a nation to the point of a rally or riot. Nowadays, the sanctuary is the cinema, the pulpit, the screen and the preacher, the artist. So, visually sharing our faith is critical in this culture. Both internally as you share your message to the followers and externally as you invite people to come and see. Pastor Pixel is for those that understand this and want to take their communication to the next level.

Title inspired by a site I love to browse –