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How you present yourself through design is just as important as the music itself.  It’s small, but your CD is often the biggest billboard in your music career.  Don’t settle for the typical mug shot cover.  You want your music to tell a story, to move people, to cause a reaction. Why not start the process before they listen to a single note?  Establishing a professional and creative look with your cover design could be the difference between moving on in your ministry career and staying put.

I’ve spent a few years in Nashville hangin’ with some friends of the “big dogs” in Christian music and all the pros say the same thing: you only have a few seconds to impress. It generally all boils down to the music, but often a great looking promo pack or CD demo gets you in the door. A professional and creative image helps. If your music is great and your graphics stink, you may lose that one opportunity that takes you to the next level in your ministry career. Click on the categories to the right to see the work and then give us a shout!

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